• 1. Drink more water

    Our bodies are made from almost 60% water, so this should be a simple one! Not only will you get a “full” feeling, but also you will be making sure your body is continually flushing out the toxins in you. Holding a lot of water weight? Drink more to relieve your bloat. I try to get a solid gallon a day. And you know what? Since then I am peeing more, but also appear thinner. Remember, the more water in, the more water out!
    Tip: Have a gallon Milk jug filled with water and drink it by the end of the day


    2. Less rest at the gym
    By decreasing rest time between sets, your heart rate will have a hard time coming down to its resting state. You will be getting bigger, and getting a little cardio in. So skip the talking between sets about the cardio bunnies and the long water breaks. Instead after you finish your last rep, watch the clock for 30 seconds and do the next set. Not only will you most likely finish your work out quicker, but you will also get one hell of a gym session.
    Tip: Do 10 sit ups between every set, then watch the clock. After, watch your abs grow.


    3. Eat your biggest meals around your workout, or in the morning
    If you are constantly going to bed after a 1,000-calorie dinner, stop. How do Sumo wrestlers get big? They eat a traditional meal of “Chankanobe” which is a protein-infused stew, followed by a lengthy nap. Is this what your plan is? You can still eat that meal, but just try to do it in the morning for breakfast, or around your workout. I am notorious for eating a big bowl of spaghetti and meatballs for breakfast, and a nice veggie omelet for dinner. By doing this you are making sure you are using all of the nutrients and calories for working out, and not leaving unused calories (fat) over at the end of the day.


    4. Eat more veggies
    I feel this should be as easy as drink more water. People always think they need to be hungry while trying to lose weight. This is not true. A great way of ensuring you don’t crave more after a meal is eating more vegetables. Try to lean towards the greener ones (Broccoli, Spinach, Bok Choy) because of the nutrition profile than the starchier veggies (Peas, Carrots, and Corn). But if it comes down to some French fries or Corn, by all means feast on corn. Even if you are to consume a pound of broccoli, you are still eating 90 calories less than a SMALL French fry. Start eating those greens and you will never be hungry again.


    5. Increase the incline on the treadmill
    After every workout you walk 20 minutes on the treadmill. Good for you. Want to lose more fat without really working harder? Up the incline a bit on the treadmill. While the amount extra burned is not going to turn you into Greg Plitt overnight, it is something that you can do without thinking about, to give you a little extra “push” in the fat-loss game.
    I might do more than incline walks on the treadmill…


    6. Stevia as an Artificial Sweetener
    While I am usually against anything artificial, I don’t really think the name Artificial belongs with Stevia. Stevia is an extract from a plant leaf of Stevia rebaudiana. The leaves of Stevia rebaudiana have around 40 times the sweetness of sugar, making just a small percent of actual sugar go a long way. It is sweet, calorie free, and you can bake with it. Have to have a sugar fix and cannot find one? Have a protein shake with Stevia and Cinnamon added. You will thank me later.


    7. Eat fruit when craving something sweet
    Due to the fructose(sugar) in fruit, you will hit the ‘sweet spot’ that you are craving for, while saving calories. Instead of diving into a sugar laden ice cream bar, eat a banana or an apple. Try to make it a habit that after dinner at a restaurant don’t order the HUGE-O XXL sundae, but a fresh fruit bowl instead.


    8. Drink Green Tea
    Following a 2 day green tea free period, participants (n=12; 9 females and 3 males) were asked to drink 4 cups of green tea (organic Mao Jian Green Tea from the Zhejiang region of China) for 14 days (~800 ml green tea infusion containing 600–800 mg total catechins). Fasting total plasma cholesterol, BP, weight, BMI and %body fat were measured at day 0 (baseline), day 7 and day 14.
    Results: Mean systolic BP was reduced significantly by 7.1 mmHg (P<0.0001) and mean diastolic BP reduced by 7.8 mmHg over 14 days (P<0.0001). Mean fasting total cholesterol was reduced significantly by 0.556 mmol/l (P<0.008), BMI by 0.34 kg/m2 (P<0.001), body weight by 0.96 kg (P<0.001) and body fat by 2.36% (P<0.005).
    You cannot argue with those facts. While a pound a week may not be a lot, by just drinking tea that is incredible . So not only does the consumption lead to possible weight loss, but there is also tons of anti-oxidants, may prevent glaucoma, and it is shown to increase metabolism. Try to have a glass after a meal, and reap the benefits.
    Tip: This also comes in a pill form in case you do not like the taste


    9. Be consistent with weighing yourself
    Among everything else to be consistent with(food intake, workout schedule), you should also try to get on a weigh-in schedule. By eliminating factors around the weighing time you can really find out if you are losing weight or not. I find the best way for me is buck-naked in the morning after my “duties” and before my shower. This makes sure that the food and water I have eaten for the day isn’t what is pushing my weight up causing a possible panic. You don’t want to see a pound higher and not know why, but it turns out only to be from the increase of sodium that you had the day before. It may be temping to jump on it everyday, but try to resist.
    Tip: Spend the extra £ and buy a consistent scale. Nothing is worse then having to find a average of three readings just to find your weight.


    10 Walk everywhere
    If you add more walking into your daily routine, fat-loss is inevitable. A mile of walking is roughly 100 calories. You can easily burn 3-400 more just by walking to work or the supermarket everyday. Think about it.
    And that’s it! Change your routine a little, and miracles will happen!