Garry Reeves

    reviewed a month ago
    Jay @ JSPROFITNESS has been and remains an excellent personal trainer who, with his professionalism, knowledge, passion, understanding and patience, has put me on the path to living a healthier lifestyle. He has enabled me to lose weight at a good sensible rate through healthier eating and regular exercise. He has opened my eyes to the truth and importance of nutritional information and has combined this with a challenging program of exercise which he has kept varied to keep me motivated and engaged fully. My energy levels have increased markedly as has my body-confidence and posture. I am aware that I have just started on this journey but with Jay’s help, I remain committed to achieving my goals and living a healthier, more fulfilling life – thanks Jay


    mark williams

     reviewed a month ago
    i have worked with jay since february and have know lost 30 pounds and more than 10 inches of body mass jay has highly motivated me and changed my out look on training and life . when you need that push to move forward he is there and his pt box season is also worth a try . i would recommend jays personal sessions to anybody who is stuck in a rut and wants to change there life but is unsure how to do it stick to the routine and listen to the quilaty advice and those results WILL happen many thanks jay for changing my life a further push know and I WILL MEET MY GOALS mark williams age 45


    Clare Wyatt

     reviewed a month ago
    It’s still early days for me, I have been training with Jay for 4 weeks, but the results are fantastic. If you are thinking about getting a personal trainer, stop thinking about it and speak to Jay. From the consultation I knew I had made the right choice. You get so much more from each session than you would alone. In my opinion Jay manages to push you (it is not easy) and educate you so that you get the most from each session without being scary!.


    D. Birch

    reviewed a month ago
    I trained with Jay for 6 months. He is an experienced trainer and through following his dietary and weight training advice I gained strength and mass and lost unwanted fat. Jay is professional and I would recommend him to anyone that asked.


    Lucas Vale

    reviewed a month ago
    I trained for 6 weeks with Jay and the results were staggering. I started at 205lbs, lost 14lbs, about 4 inches from around my waist and got a hell of alot stronger. Amazing. Jay sits down with you from the start and plans out how many calories you need to intake and how many times you need to train to reach your goal. His determination and passion behind you achieving your goals help you push yourself to the limit and lift that extra rep or run that extra mile. I’ve managed to maintain my weight and the training style he taught me. I cannot reccomend this guy enough. Its hard, he puts you through your paces, but the results are so so worth. I could go on forever! I’m in the best shape of my life and I’m planning to do some more training with him this summer. Thanks a million Jay!


    Paul Tattler

    May 18, 2013
    I had 2 sessions a week for 6 weeks booked with Jay with my own in between, at the end of this I lost 12lb & dropped back down to a 34″ waist from 36″. Follow the advise given & stick to the routine & with a bit of hard work it will work for you too. Very professional.