• “I started training with Jay a couple of years ago now, I was a 205lb 25% bodyfat lump living off fast food and beer. We started off on a fat loss routine to try and get me down to a healthy weight as at the time that’s all I really wanted to achieve. In just 6 weeks training with Jay I lost 14lbs and 4inches off my waist. I couldn’t believe it. Jays expertise helped me achieve so much in a short space of time…but I wanted more.
    After going through a very difficult period in my life I took a break from training, however I spoke to Jay about what was happening and he encouraged me to get back in the gym and use the “fire for fuel”, so to speak. I started training again back in september 2013. This is when the real transformation happened. He put together a weight training and cardio programme together for me with the clear idea of toning up muscle and stripping away fat. I’m now at 175lbs 13% bodyfat. Staggering. It’s like I have a new life. This says it all with what Jay can do. I genuinley cannot believe what we have managed to achieve together. The training routine that Jay has designed is completley built around me and works within my very busy schedule of working 9-5 weekly and running my own business. Jays passion and genuine belief in me (or any of his clients for that matter) is what has got me to this point and is what is still continuing to push me further. 
    Jay as a trainer will never let you give up. He pushes hard, but the results are mind blowing. He is extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of health and fitness: be it weight lifting form, fat loss exercises, nutritional advice, everything. He will always be honest with you and advise accordingly with what ever your goals may be. 
    I have absolutley no hesitation in reccomending Jay
    10% bodyfat is the target…lets do this!”
    Lucas Vale