• I had been going to the gym for some time doing both cardio and weights programmes found on the internet convincing myself it was working but the scales did not agree.  I was sceptical about having a personal trainer not believing it would do any good never mind having to pay the fees on top, well, how wrong was I, within weeks I felt healthier, fitter and I had started to lose weight.  In fact I realised that the money I had spent on the gym membership prior to seeing Jay had been wasted and the money I was spending on my personal trainer was the best investment I have made for some time.
    In just over 6 months of attending weekly sessions with Jay, I lost 28lbs, but it was not just about the weight loss, it is everything else that goes with it, Jay helps with your nutrition, giving advice about what to eat and what not to eat, as well as the number of calories and the balance between the food groups of proteins and carbs.  In the gym, Jay not only provides you with a personalised training programme, he acutally demonstrates the correct techniques required in lifting weights and using the resistance machines, this is invaluable as it gives you the knowledge and skills needed when training alone, it makes a big difference.
    Jay is really helpful and encourages you to do your very best, the sessions are hardwork but enjoyable and I have really liked the way Jay works with you to achieve your goals in a very friendly but professional way and the time just flies in your sessionand just when you think that you are used to the programme then Jay makes some changes so that it never gets boring and you push yourself some more.
    If you have just started out with Jay then stick with it and you will notice the difference in no time.
    If you don’t believe a personal trainer is worth the money then think again, give it a go and be prepared to be amazed just like me. I would recommend Jay to anyone.